The 5th International Conference on Magnetic Applications in Dentistry


General Information

     The Japanese Society of Magnetic Applications in Dentistry (President: Kohei Kimura, Tohoku

     Univ.) is a scientific association founded in 1991 and is devoted to furthering the application of

     magnetism in dentistry. The 5th International Conference on Magnetic Applications in Dentistry

     organized by JSMAD will take place on the Internet as follows.

 Meeting Dates:

   Wednesday, March 1 to Monday, March 20, 2006


   JSMAD web site


 General Chair:

   Shin-ichi Masumi (Kyushu Dental College)


   Researches and developments related to dentistry and magnetism such as:

    *Magnetic attachments for dentures

    *Orthodontic appliances using magnets

    *Measurement of jaw movement using magnetic sensors

    *Biological effects of magnetic fields

    *Dental applications of MRI


Registration Information


    Send e-mail titled ``registration for 5th international conference`` with your Name,  

    University  or Institution, Postal address, Phone, Fax and E-mail address to m-arita@kyu-dent.ac.jp

 Registration Fees:

    No registration fees. Anyone who is interested in magnetic applications in dentistry can 

    participate in the conference via the Internet.

 Publishing Charge for Proceeding

    After the conference, the proceeding will be published. The publishing charge is 8,000 yen

    per page. (No charge for invited paper.)


Guidelines for Presentation


  Entry: January 31, 2006

   URL of Poster: February 17, 2006


   Send Title and Abstract within 200 words with your Registration.

 Preparation of Posters:

   Produce posters with texts and figures in HTML(recommend un-using frame structure) used 

   on the World Wide Web. The contents should be written in English. The International

   Organization for Standards (ISO) “Latin1” character set is recommended to

   use to avoid typographic errors. HTTP server is needed to publish your poster on the Internet.

 Informing URL:

   The authors should send the Internet location(URL) of your poster to m-arita@kyu-dent.ac.jp

   by e-mail no later than February 17, 2006. Hypertext link to your poster from a program page

   on JSMAD web site will be made subsequently.


  Discussions will be done using a bulletin board on JSMAD Web Site via the Internet. The   

   authors should check the board frequently during the meeting dates. If questions or comments

   on your presentation are posted, please answer them as soon as possible.

 Notice to Contributors:

  Freely-given informed consent from the subjects or patients must be obtained. Waivers must

  be obtained for photographs showing persons.


  Copyright of all posters published on the conference will be property of the Japanese Society 

  of Magnetic Applications in Dentistry. Copies of the posters will be made and transferred to

  JSMAD web site for continuous presentation after the meeting dates.

 For further information,

 send e-mail to Conference Secretary (Dr. Masahiro Arita) m-arita@kyu-dent.ac.jp