Session 3 Chair: Eri Makihara (kyushu Dental University)




Development of a Simple Measuring Device of the Attractive Force

with Magnetic Attachment


K. ShojiCY. Nakamura, R. Kanbara, T. Iwai, Y. Takada1, Yu. Ohno, Y. Tanaka


Department of Removable Proshodontics, School of Dentistry Aichi-Gakuin University

1Division of Dental Biomaterials, Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry




 The combination of Aichi-Gakuin testing jig and high-performance tensile tester is considered the most effective method of attractive force measurement of a dental magnetic attachment. The method meets ISO standards. Although Aichi-Gakuin testing jig allows high accuracy measurement, it lacks versatility due to its complicated biaxial structure and high cost.

 An improved jig was devised by ISO task force of the Japanese Society of Magnetic Application in Dentistry to solve problems of Aichi-Gakuin testing jig. The improved jig expanded versatility by simplifying the structure from biaxial to uniaxial, and lowering the cost. Although the versatility of a jig was improved, it still requires a high-performance tensile tester. Simplifying the structure and lowering the cost of a tensile tester further enhance the versatility.

 We developed a simple measuring system of the attractive force introducing a tensile tester with a built-in jig to expand the versatility of the conventional ISO measurement system, and investigated the overview of the attractive force measurement system and measurement accuracy.