Chair: Yoshinori Nakamura (Aichi Gakuin University)

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A case of lower removable partial denture

with intracoronal and extracoronal dental magnetic attachments


Shogo Tsuda, Shin-ichi Masumi, Eri Makihara, Toshihiro Kawano,

Mayumi Yagi and Masahiro Arita

 Division of Occlusion & Maxillofacial Reconstruction, Department of Oral Function,

Kyushu Dental University



 A 67-year-old female patient was provided a non-metal clasp lower partial denture for the edentulous region of No.34, 35, 36, 46, and 47 from a certain dental clinic. But she couldn’t wear it for the gingival inflammation that was caused by the clasps of the denture cut into her gingiva. She visited our clinic to be fabricated another esthetic removal partial denture on April 17, 2014.

 As No.45 and No.37 of direct abutment teeth were non-vital, No.37 was designed as magno-telescopic crown and No.45 was designed as a root cap of short coping type. As No.33 of direct abutment tooth was vital, this tooth was designed as a resin-facing crown with an extracoronal dental magnetic attachment. Dental magnetic attachment (GIGAUS C600 ; GC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) was used as retainer in all three abutments.

 After fixed an inner crown of No.37 and a root cap of No.45 with adhesive resin cement, a removable partial denture was fabricated by conventional method.

 Because the finished denture was good esthetically, and putting on and taking off and the cleaning were easy, went to the satisfaction to a patient. From the post evaluation, it was able to confirm improvement of the oral QOL concerned.