Session 1 Chair: Tetsuo Ohyama (Nihon University)




A Case Report of a Magnetic Attachment Denture by Use of an Immediate

Denture to Maintain the Optimum Mandibular Position


M. Sone, F. Okutsu, T. Kusano, T. Matsukawa, Y. Toyota, R. Negoro, S. Yorichika,

S. Shimokawara, K. Okamoto and S. Ohkawa


Division of Removable Prosthodontics, Department of Restorative and Biomaterials Sciences,

Meikai University School of Dentistry




To reconstruct a harmonious craniofacial system, it is essential to maintain an appropriate occlusal vertical dimension. This clinical report describes the use of a magnetic attachment denture that improved an immediate denture to maintain the optimum mandibular position.

The first therapy, the incompatibility prostheses in marginal portion were removed on its tooth and #3 teeth was extracted, then an immediate denture in the maxilla was set on the portion of missing teeth. A definitive prosthesis that a maxillary removable overlay denture with a coping-type of magnetic attachment and a horseshoe plate of the major connector was fabricated.

A removable overlay denture with a magnetic attachment could be provided to maintain an occlusal vertical dimension.