Session 1 Chair: Tetsuo Ohyama (Nihon University)




Long-term follow-up case reports on the use of magnetic attachment as

intracoronal/extracoronal attachments


T. Goto1, Y. Ishida1, K. Nagao1 and T. Ichikawa1


1Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, Institute of Health Biosciences,

The University of Tokushima Graduate School




The magnetic attachment has been applied to the removable prostheses, such as bar attachment, intracoronal and extracoronal attachment. In this clinical report, three long-term follow-up cases of removable dentures using magnetic attachment are presented.


<Case 1> The patient, 79 years old woman, was referred to the clinic with complaints of masticatory dysfunction. In this case, the removable bridge with intracoronal magnetic attachment at 17, 14, 24, 25 and 27 was applied. The patient has been recalled for fourteen years.


<Case 2> This patient, 81 years old woman, complained with esthetic of lower denture. In this case, the removable partial denture with intracoronal magnetic attachment at 34 and 44 was applied. Clinical maintenance for this patient has executed over fifteen years.


<Case 3> This patient, 50 years old man, came with complaint of masticatory dysfunction. The removable bridge with extracoronal magnetic attachment at 46 and intracoronal magnetic attachment at 47 were applied to this patient. This patient has been scheduled for occlusal adjustment and checking fit of removable prostheses for nine years.


To conclude, the treatment with magnetic attachment applied for the intracoronal and extracoronal attachment was reliable and careful periodic examination and occlusal adjustment is essential for long-term better prognosis.