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 Session 4Chair: Yoshinori Nakamura (Aichi-Gakuin University )




A case report of a free end saddle telescopic denture using a magnetic attachment for maxilla molars


M. Sato, M. Hideshima*, J. Wada, T. Ando, J. Wadachi, M. Tsurumi, Y. Tsubota, Y. Odaka and Y. Igarashi.

Removable Partial Denture Prosthodontic, Graduate School, Clinic for Conservation of Oral and Maxillofacial Function, University Hospital*, Tokyo Medical and Dental University


It is common in the distal extension loss case with more than three molars to choose bilateral design. We report the case that satisfaction was provided from a patient at the point of a feeling of wearing, aesthetic apprecation and the funciton, bicouse the design of the denture became the unilateral design by applying a Konus telescopic crown and magnetic attachment.

The patient was a 45-year-old male.@The main complaint was malfunction of the maxilla molar bridge.The diagnosis that 25 and 27 were impossible of preservation among abutment teeth was given among abutment teeth, and these became the extraction. 24 was insufficient for the abutment tooth of the Konus telesicopic denture.Therfore, as for the design of the final denture, 22 and 24 became the Konus telscope and 24 became the magnetic attachment.

The design of the final denture became unilateral by using a magnetic attachment with a Konus telescopic denture and was got satisfaction of the patient in a feeling of wearing, aesthetic appreciation and function. In addition, a suggestion was got about the indication of the unilateral denture by the combination of Konus telescope and magnetic attachment.



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