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 Session 3Chair: Masatake Akutagawa (The University of Tokushima)


A Change in Attractive Force of a Keeper Fabricated using a Reuse Metal of Castable Magnetic Alloy


 K. Yoshihara, T. Iwai, Y. Nakamura, H. Konno, T. Kogiso, T. Masuda, Yu. Ohno,Y. Takada1, Y. Tanaka

Department of Removable Proshodontics, School of Dentistry Aichi-Gakuin University

1Division of Dental Biomaterials, Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry


 The size of a magnetic attachment has become smaller in recent years, and the clinical applications have become more common. However, the method of attaching a ready-made keeper to a root cap is often unavailable due to a lack of space. Arbitrary-shaped keepers were fabricated using castable magnetic alloy to solve this problem. Although hearth of castable dental alloy is commonly used in clinical practice, no reports are available regarding a change in attractive force by using a hearth for casting. The present study investigated an influence of recasting a hearth on attractive force. Samples with different hearth ratio were fabricated. Attractive force, Co content in samples, and segregation were measured to evaluate the correlation. A significant correlation was found between the hearth ratio and Co content, attractive force and Co content, and attractive force and segregation.