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 Session 2Chair: Chikahiro Ohkubo (Tsurumi University)

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Observation of abutment tooth cementum and root cap margin


 A. Sugita1, S. Endo1, E. Nagai1,2, N. Tsukimura1,2, H. Saito1, M. Morokuma1, N. Suzuki1, D. Akita1 and T. Ishigami1,2

1Department of Partial Denture Prosthodontics, Nihon University School of Dentistry

2Division of Clinical Research, Dental Research Center, Nihon University School of Dentistry


It is ideal for placing finishing line of crown restoration prosthesis at enamel, however root cap  placed finishing line at cementum surface. There are few studies on cementum margin of prosthesis. The purpose of this study was to investigate for the cementum coping margin and scaling and root planing(SRP) cementum surface of the extracted teeth.

The extracted teeth with the margin of the coping were observed with laser microscope. As for the extracted teeth,it was done SRP using a scalar. Similarly,the root preparation was done using the diamond point. These samples were observed by an optical microscope.

As the result of this study, for the observation of after preparation of root surface. It is lesslikely that the cementum will cause chipping by using a diamond point. On the other hands root of SRP seems to have cracks and exfoliation of cementum after preparation of root surface. Based upon the results of this study ,it is concluded that prepared cementum of root surface with diamond point has little influence on root surface.



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