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Paper ID S002 : A case report of removable partial denture applied magnetic attachment and zirconia framework for a patient with a decreased occlusal vertical dimension

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尾澤 昌悟 moderator (Aichi gakuin Univ )

It was an excellent idea to fabricate mandibular overdenture based on zirconia framework.
It looks like occlusal material was also zirconia, what kinds of materials were used for maxillary denture?
In fig 8, final results showed esthetic anterior relationship. How did you manage the labial incline of maxillary central incisors?

武山 丈徹 (Tsurumi University )

Dr.OZAWA,Thank you for your question.
Maxillary denture is an acrylic denture.
After confirming the morphological correction of the incisal edge by wax-up on the working model, the length of anterior tooth and the anterior guidance were restored by CR filling.

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