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Paper ID S007 : Working toward the international standardization of dental magnetic attachments — Commission report of the ISO Corresponding Committee in 2017 —

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Shin-ichi Masumi (Kyushu Dental University )

Thank you for the wonderful presentation. This presentation is easy to understand the activity of ISO/TC106/SC2/WG22 for the members of JSMAD.
I think the nest stage is FDIS. Although the next ISO meeting will be take place in September at Milano, how do you think about for preparing this meeting such as the necessity of pre-meeting, materials submitting for the next WG22 meeting? Let me know, please.

In the attendances of HongKong meeting, First name of Dr. Makihara is Eri. Correct please.

Your Name (Your facility )

I'm sorry. Fixed.
It is necessary to discuss again whether the crosshead speed of 2 mm/ min is the optimum value or not at the WG 22 meeting again. At the previous WG 22 meeting, we made the discussion confusing “sampling rate”of the digital measuring devise and “Cross head speed”that can realize to measure a value with no significant difference from the original retentive force.
It is not worthwhile for numerical changes to be made by wrong theories (measurements dependent on the performance of the equipment used), so we need to prepare theoretical evidence and to explain in isolation of the crosshead speed and the sampling rate.
This standard is already used in JIS, and the change of ISO 13017 affects many countries as well as Japan.Therefore, I’d like to keep the statement of "5 mm / min or less" as it is and to add the statement of "If measuring by a digital devise, use one with a sampling rate sufficient for the measurement" to the clause of “Note”.
Recently, I have checked data on the relation between the cross head speed and the sampling rate. I think we need a pre-meeting to discuss about that after April.

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