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Paper ID S004 : Marginal bone loss and survival rate of immediately loaded mandibular 2-implant overdentures retained by magnetic attachments: 3 years follow-up

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Your Name Kanyi Mary (Your facility Tohoku University )

Miyayasu san,

Thankyou for sharing the findings of your research on a very important subject.
Knowing that implant failure could be as a result of several factors;
1.In your study was the implant surgery done for all the participants by one doctor or many of them?
2. Were you able to rule out other reasons for failure in the one participant who could not proceed so that one can tell if the failure was related to delayed loading compared to immediate?That way I suppose one can tell the failure rate stated (though not signifivant) is attributed to time of loading as focused on on this study.

Anna Miyayasu (Tokyo Medical and Dental University )

Thank you for your question, Kanyi san.
1. In my study, all implant surgery have been performed by one dentist from the implantology department.
2. In my opinion, the implant failure was not because of loading protocol. In this study, the participant bone ridge, who has lost implants, was so poor that the implant insertion position cannot be able to be proper. That is reason why the implant failure occuered in this trial.

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