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Paper ID S003 : A case report of maxillary IARPD using magnetic attachments and anterior milling teeth

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Your Name Kanyi Mary (Your facility Tohoku University )

Thankyou Tokue san and the team for sharing the case report.
It is interesting to see the combined use of the existing crowns to implant and magnetic attachments to improve the retention and stability of prosthesis. Utilisation of factors present to the maximum.

I noted improvement of vertical dimension done in November for this case.What findings made the procedure necessary?How can one use a denture to improve vertical dimension?

Ai Tokue (Tsurumi University )

Thank you for your coments and questions.
In November, we increased Vertical dimension using a maxillary treatment acrylic denture refer to physiolosic rest position.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

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