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Paper ID S002 : Clinical Study about prognosis investigation of abutment teeth and surrounding tissues using magnetic attachments

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Masayuki HIDESHIMA (Tokyo Medical and Dental University )

Thank you for your clinically useful presentation.
The chairman has a question.

I agree with your basic idea that objective evaluation of abutment teeth and surrounding tissues is quite complicated because of many concerning factors.

Do you have any idea to modify the protocol or add assessment items to the present evaluation sheet?

Ryo Kanbara (Department of Removable Prosthodontics,School of Dentistry, Aich Gakuin University, )

I think the current protocol contents are many and complicated. Therefore, I think that it is better to simplify mainly the item which we want to investigate the most.
For example,the type of magnetic attachment, the design of the magnetic attachment denture, the pocket depth at the time of attachment setting, the bleeding of pocket, the degree of mobility of abutment teeth,
In addition, patient satisfaction as a subjective evaluation.

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