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Paper ID S001 : A basic study on accuracy of a Hybrid-resin coping fabricated by CAD/CAM system -Using scanning post and evaluation by μCT

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Masayuki HIDESHIMA (Tokyo Medical and Dental University )

Thank you for your clinically suggestive presentation.
The chairman has some questions.

1. You have evaluated the accuracy of this system with zirconia copings in your previous study.
Have you noticed any difference between zirconia and hybrid-resin in the results of this study?

2. Which place of coping for sprue do you consider to be favorable for the marginal fitting accuracies?

Shuji Ueda (Meikai university )

Thank you for your inquiry.

1. The copings made of hybrid resin showed smaller discrepancies than that of zirconia. Because of sintering shrinkage affected to the result of zirconia copings.

2. The distance between the margin and sprue should have even greater than the diameter of milling bar. But further studies are needed in order to show favorable place of coping for sprue.

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