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Paper ID S005 : A basic study on fitness of zirconia keeper coping fabricated by CAM system

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TAKU ISHII (Nihon University School of Dentistry )

I have a question about the outlook for the future of research?

Do you want to create the imidiate rootcap keeper that is more biocompatible and less attached plaque than postkeeper?
Please tell me what you think.

ATSUSHI TATENO (Nihon University School of Dentistry )

How do you see the further refinements of manufacturing the laser scanning method ?

Tetsuo Ohyama (Nihon University School of Dentistry )

Thank you for your presentation. I have a question.
What do you think of the reason for the accuracy is not good?

Hiroki Hamasaka (Meikai University )

Thank you for your questions.

To Ishii
In case there are no problems on the fitness of keeper coping fabricated by CAM or CAD/CAM system, I want to use for keeper coping.

To Dr.Tateno
It is difficult to scan the tip of post, so that we will try to use a scanning jig for assistant laser scanning at CAD/CAM system.

To Chairman Dr Ohyama
The adaptation in this study was poor compare to another report, because it was employed CAM system to fabricate keeper coping. The adaptation of prosthesis fabricated by CAM system was not good compared with fabricated by CAD/CAM system.

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