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Paper ID S002 : Fixation of modified magnet assembly to denture base using soft resins

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Yukyo Takada (Div. Dental Biomaterials, Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry )

We could no question and comment in this presentation. Now, I open the discussion.

At the beginning, I have a question following below;

The authors brought up the problem that the denture often bonded strongly to an abutment tooth or an implant by mechanical locking of the PMMA cured into the undercut. However, we could find no information for the mechanical locking of the other resins except the PMMA. It is difficult for readers to understand the authors’ conclusion. We want to know whether the other resins bonded strongly or not by the mechanical locking. Could the authors answer it?

If the other resins did not bond to the abutment tooth or the implant and did not need the special care, we can understand the authors’ conclusion easily.

Miho Obayashi (Nihon University )

I have a question about the material properties.
There is a report that a temporary filling resin have poor sealing ability, a marginal leakage resistance and the bacteria to breed.
I wonder if there is no problem that long-term use of that material is the point of view of hygiene.

Yukyo Takada (Div. Dental Biomaterials, Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry )

Two questions pooled here before we know it.
The second question is very interesting because the authors dared to recommend the weak material for a long-term use. Audience, join in the discussion, please.

Shotaro Okayama (Department of Department of Removable Prosthodontics, Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine )

Dr.Yukyo Takada

Thank you for your precious question to the most fundamental matter in this study. As you comments, the other resins (temporary filling resin and experimental resin) did not bond to the abutment tooth and the implant. Thus, we do not need special care when the resins are used.

Dr.Miho Obayashi

Thank you for your question. As you pointed out, hygienic problems using the temporary filling resin must be solved for long-term use. Further study would be necessary for sealing ability and marginal leakage.

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