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Paper ID S001 : Comparative study of self- and light-curing resin for attaching a magnetic assembly inner the denture base resin

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Yukyo Takada (Div. Dental Biomaterials, Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry )

Although we have been waiting for some comments and questions from participants in this presentation, no comment and question occurs. At the beginning, I asks to the authors, now.
This presentation revealed that the gap and the poor alignment between a magnetic assembly and a keeper, which were usually given by the polymerization shrinkage, made the retentive force reduce. If possible, could the authors show us information for the shrinkage ratios or shrinking values of the three types of resin? It is expected that the small difference of the shrinkage values generates the large difference of the retentive force.

Masato Imamura (Nihon University School of Dentistry )

Thank you for your question.
Polymerization shrinkage of light-curing resin is smaller than that of self-curing resin.However,the polymerization shrinkage ratios or shrinking value of the three materials are not published.

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